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Produce from the flock.


Unwashed fleece for spinning.  Fleeces range from grey through brownish to jet black.  All are soft with reasonably fine staple.

Pure knitting wool .  Wool from the flock is sent to a small woollen mill in Wales where it is spun in light Arran weight knitting wool with a subtle colour mixture of very dark grey with deep brown highlights.

Hebridean throws Wool from the flock is also woven into warm soft blankets or throws.  The throws are 72 x 54 and are dark grey/black, and are luxuriously soft with fringed edges. The blankets come in a range of sizes.

Fleeces.  The skin and wool are tanned to provide a wonderfully silky floor rug, or lambs wool fleece suitable for putting babies on.  Hebridean fleece is very different from normal wool rugs, being much softer and smoother.

Hebridean Meat.  The meat is less fatty and slightly more gamey than normal lamb, being particularly low in cholesterol.  The sheep are small, and so are the portions, but they are considered to be a delicacy.  The meat is greatly valued, particularly by those who normally avoid eating lamb, having been put off by the fatty bland nature of mass produced lamb.  Hare Appletree Hebridean Lamb is from a certified scrapie resistant flock and is fully traceable.  The lambs have been born and lived all their lives at Hare Appletree, and have been reared under organic principles

Livestock.  On occasion we have breeding stock for sale - please see here for what is available at present.



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